Friday, August 29, 2014
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Let Me Just Remember Her

Uploaded By: Heather Elizabeth Lynn Farrar . Category: General . Added on: 24 February 2011.
In this video:
The loss of a child is a horrible thing to endure. The words to say to someone are just beyond utterance. I wrote a poem in 1999 and dedicated it to one young girl of 3 who died from e-coli, suddenly and unexpected. It was unthinkable to that family. When I heard of the loss of Christina Taylor-Green, it came back to mind, the hurt, pain, loss, and anguish. This tune began to swim in my head, and would not leave. I turned on the microphone and sang it out in one rough take. This is it. I am dedicating it to all women (and men) who have lost a little girl.

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