Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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A Look Inside Giuliana Rancic’s Closet

What’s Giuliana Rancic’s biggest red carpet secret of all? The E! News maven wears flats so that she doesn’t seem too much taller than her notoriously tiny co-host Ryan Seacrest!

During “Giuliana Rancic’s Closet Confession,” which launched today on, the always camera-ready host took her stylist Jose Camilo on a tour of her dressing room. She even pointed out her “runts” – the flats she wears when she does two takes with Ryan (“one with heels and one without”), to ensure she doesn’t look too tall next to him. (Giuliana, you better be careful. That gorgeous YSL tote Ryan gave you for the holidays might be your last if you keep ragging on his height.)

On the episode, the red carpet host talks about the outfits her hubby, Bill Rancic, thinks are sexy, shows off her fake eyelashes and admits she has "the best job."

Check out Giuliana's “Closet Confession” on for more inside looks at her wardrobe, and enter to win a $500 Bluefly splurge of your own.

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