Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Jim Hughes Discussion started by Jim Hughes 8 years ago

http://sonicacademy.com - Music software tutorials
http://www.productionhub.com - Media jobs and gigs
https://www.musicianspage.com - Media jobs and gigs
http://musicollaborate.com - Collaboration site
http://www.kompoz.com - Collaboration site
http://www.indabamusic.com - Collaboration site
http://www.icewhole.com - Indie film and music site
http://www.hollywoodeasttv.com - Network of film professionals
http://worldwideindieproducers.ning.com > - Network of film professionals
http://www.massify.com - Indie film collaboration site
http://www.filmcommunity.com - Network of film professionals
http://www.thefilmportal.net - Network of film professionals
http://www.indiebacklot.com - Network of film professionals
http://indieproducer.ning.com - Network of film professionals
http://bollywoodjobs.ning.com - Network of film professionals
http://wannabestudios.ning.com - Network of media professionals
http://digitalmoviealliance.ning.com - Network of film professionals
http://www.musicsupervisor.com - Music library and supervision
http://www.cuepop.com - Composers network and music library
http://www.youlicense.com - Solution for easy licensing
http://www.audiomicro.com/sound-effects - Royalty free music library and sound-effects
http://www.networking.studentfilmmakers.com - student film makers
http://www.iacomp.org - composers rights and resources network - loads of contract templates found here!
http://www.audiotuts.com - great studio tips
http://www.animoto.com - just a cool easy way to make great slideshows with your own music
http://www.vocalist.org.uk - great tips
http://www.humtoo.com - video projects looking for music
http://reelmix.com - film crew finding resource
http://www.crewplay.com - film crew finding resource
http://actorsconnect.com - film crew finding resource
http://www.bandcamp.com - multi format music storage
http://www.musicsupervisioncentral.com/resources/ - another list of other great sites
http://www.radarmusicvideos.com - music video briefs all with budgets, worldwide calls.

Design Fashions
Design Fashions For the Love of Music Thanks for sharing the Resources The Group is Very informative Thanks Again and God Bless 8 years ago