Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Robroy Mountjoy Productions

The mission of Robroy Mountjoy Productions is to produce collaborative works of theatre and film in order to both entertain and educate on both sides of the stage. We will achieve this with quality theater productions, the medium of film, and interactive engagement in the creative process. Robroy Mountjoy Productions is an evolving company based on a relationship-based model, collaborative creativity, and a dedication to innovative imagination. Robroy Mountjoy Productions is a forming entity with several years of experience and market research as an independent venture creating a strong foundation for success. It is our goal to incorporate Robroy Mountjoy Productions as a Non-Profit entity and to grow in exposure throughout the tri-state area, and later across the country by first enlarging the surface area of the Company with technology and later through mobility. The evolving entity that has become Robroy Mountjoy Productions began in 2007 with the first of owner and founder Robert Mountjoy’s plays, Duck-Walls. This play achieved critical success and won the Social Justice Space Grant award at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center. Over the years, the play has been showcased many times in Manhattan and has recently been made into a television pilot starring Steve Guttenberg. Since writing, directing, and producing the first production of Duck-Walls, Robert Mountjoy has written five original works and has directed and produced over 14 sold out productions as well as directing and producing the feature film, Shower Frown, based on one of his plays now in distributions with Panorama Entertainment. Robroy Mountjoy Productions has evolved from a purely collaborative company to a hybrid that advances both relationship-based membership models and creative collaboration to attract top caliber talent and captivate audiences. Frequently Asked Questions What is a relationship-based membership model? A relationship-based membership model differs from the traditional transaction-based business model which revolved primarily around the selling of tickets (ie. a transaction). A relationship-based membership model revolves connections between individuals and the company. Instead of selling a ticket, Robroy Mountjoy Productions offers a long-lasting and engaging relationship. How do I become involved with Robroy Mountjoy Productions? Currently, membership in Robroy Mountjoy Productions is limited to all those involved in the production of theater and film works, including actors, staff, and stage/film crew. If you are interested in becoming a member, you should contact the company Casting Supervisor, Orlando Iriate at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. What do I get as a member of Robroy Mountjoy Productions? Complete terms of membership can be found by reviewing the membership contract. In brief, members become part of a collaborative artistic community which provides the following benefits: performance opportunities, original dialogue and personalized direction, promotional opportunities including photos, voice overs, and footage for acting reels, the chance to learn and develop in areas of stage craft including direction, stage design, wardrobe, make-up,etc. and 100% of proceeds from ticket sales. What are my responsibilities as a member of Robroy Mountjoy Productions? Members are responsible for dues of $40 a month. This helps to cover the cost of operations and ensure that the Company can continue to produce high-quality original works. Members are also responsible for professional conduct in any production they are cast in and to represent Robroy Mountjoy Productions with integrity. The membership dues are easily recouped during any production via ticket sales. Please see the membership contract for full details. I'm not an actor or interested in working on a production, can I become a member? We are working on an engagement model for non-industry members. Until we believe that the resulting value proposition for non-industry members is high enough to justify a membership fee , we will restrict membership to those involved in productions as this is where the most value from membership currently exists. What about the comments on the site, Rip-Off Report. Are these true? We can assure you that these comments and any others posted by this individual are absolutely false. The site itself does not authenticate claims and is currently under investigation. Anytime a company gets enough success behind it to move into the public arena, it puts itself at risk for libelous comments from those who sense competition or simply have a chip on their shoulder. We are more than happy to address these comments personally or to connect you with a current member to understand their first-hand experience with the company. We have nothing to hide and are in fact, proud of the integrity with which we run our company. Please address any comments or questions to Ruth Kennedy-Mountjoy. How can I stay up to date on events at Robroy Mountjoy Productions? Sign up for our mailing list! Please click here and provide your preferred email address. We will be sure to keep you posted on all the upcoming events, specials, and happenings at Robroy Mountjoy Productions. Robroy Mountjoy
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