Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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My Q&A with Jagger Kaye

I have known Jagger for a few years now, he's been instrumental for my career by way of the FREE castings mailing list he runs.  I personally do not know how he does it, work all day and still manage to help out fellow Actors by receiving and pushing through his list all the castings but you can easily see that 10 thousand plus members is probably the reason he keeps pushing forward.

I recently attended one of his Commercial Intensives and I have to admit I was a little skeptical.  You know that saying, "you get what you pay for" but I have to admit, I walked away feeling like I robbed Jagger blind.  I bet you're asking yourself why, well I attended the course for nearly nothing and walked away with a lot of good tips when it comes to auditioning for SAG commercials.  Having seen other schools sell the same type of curriculum for triple the price, yeah I feel like I walked into Jaggers course with a loaded pistol and stole his knowledge of the industry.

If you were like me, skeptic, well fear no longer of being taken for your cash.  Invest the time and shed the little bit of cash it costs to take one of his classes because you will not be disapointed.  Just look at the lineup of industry professionals he has partnered with and don't forget to check out the re-launch of his website CASTINGSnCLASSES.com on Oct 1st.  So while you are watching me make my Soap Opera debut on All My Children (shameless self promotionLaughing  get on your computer and log on to Jaggers CASTINGSnCLASSES.com!

 Ok enough of me blabbing away, go read the article - Q&A with Jagger Kaye

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