Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Help spread the word about ActorsConnect.com by inviting your friends

How do I invite my friends to this site?

Some time ago I wrote about how to invite a friend to the site, well if you are interested in spreading the word and want to invite your contacts who are on gmail, yahoo, msn, hotmail and many other webmail programs do the following:

1. Click the "Show Your Profile" or "My Profile" link on the User Menu or main menu link

2. When you get to your profile, look at the tabs and look for "Invite a Friend"

3. On the "Invite a Friend" tab click "Invite Tool"

On the "Invite Tool" tab, you'll have the option to type everyone's email address or import it from your Hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc accounts.  A popup box will load (give it a few seconds) when you select import from webmail and it will allow you to login to your webmail (Hotmail, gmail, etc) account and you can select your contacts to send an invite to.

Hope this helps, drop me a line in the forum if you have any issues

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