Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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More News and Castings, take a look

So I spent some time expanding the castings and News menu links at the top of the page. This is to help with the navigation of the site and hopefully it makes clicking around to find what you are looking for easier and quicker.

I also added a "My Content" link to the "My Profile" menu link. This should help you manage all the content you've posted on the site (i.e. blogs, posted casting notices, etc.). By the way, you have to be logged in to view this menu link :)

In case you are wondering what's with the random keywords at the top right of the website. Well those are keywords that users enter in the search form on the site. For example, I reach ActorsConnect.com and want to find castings for Hispanics. I'll do a search for "hispanic castings" and the site will bring up all the matches.

Well I thought it would be a cool idea to have all the searches but more importantly the common ones listed as keywords so that all users of the site could see what others are commonly searching for online.

Therefore, the bigger the word on the page represents the most searches for that keyword(s). Hope this clears up any confusion you might've had about those funky size words.

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