Monday, December 10, 2018
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Castings - Australia

GRAB THE MOMENT! Be an Extra on TV, Film and Adverts.

Extras Division: This is your chance , EXTRAS is a part of a Large Management Agency in Australia and was created to give everyone the chance to be apart of the fun and allow people of all ages and sizes a chance at being in front of the camera, and EXPERIENCE

The ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY at a fraction of the cost of other Agencies in Australia. STOP BEING RIPPED OFF! DON'T PAY $200- $400 AND GET NO RESULTS. With Extras you will get the tools to get the casting for only $19.95 per month.

1. Professional Studio Shoot (Not in a hallway) You will be supplied a disc of your photos at no extra charge.

2. Website Exposure, where you can be viewed and selected by clients. This also gives you a chance as an extra to be advertised alongside Professional Actors and Models. (We call it playing with the big boys)

3.Self Casting & Assisted Casting-Take control and cast yourself for upcoming roles.

4. Social Networking: You will be able to attend selected VIP Events throughout Australia to get you exposed to others in the industry.

5. Discounts: Classes, Workshops, Photo Shoots and Events.

DON'T WASTE AWAY Watching TV/BE ON TV, in such roles as: home and away, Neighbors, Underbelly, Packed to The Rafters, and all the TV Channels. Don't forget all the Commercials to!


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